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The Palazzina is spread over three floors, culminating in a panoramic terrace, an integral part of our Suite. On the ground floor, you will be welcomed by a typical Venetian lobby (“Portego”), the front office, a veranda and an intimate private courtyard decorated with plants and vases. Follow us and together we will explore the surprises inside our residence...

The Lobby

The play of light and silhouettes you will experience as you enter will be the stage on which we would like you to be the true protagonists. The sleek waves of the velvet, the Art Deco wallpaper, the golden bar area and the ancient fan-shaped stone staircase with pink mosaic walls are the setting for your stay in Venice.

The Threshold

Along the way, from the little alleys to your room, interiors and exteriors continue to change places with each other and often exchange roles. Let yourself be fooled by the mosaic façades of our entrances to the floors with doors, exiting again to find yourself inside, surrounded by the red cocciopesto of the corridors leading to the rooms, that will remind you of the Venetian alleys.

The Courtyard

We like to think of this outdoor area as a small secret hiding place where every one of our guests can stop and take shelter. Warming your face in the first sun of springtime, sitting under a beach umbrella sheltered from the summer heat, sipping spiced tea while the October rain wets the windows of the veranda, replying to work emails and finding out on Google that today is the day known as the ‘merla’ (blackbird, indicating the coldest day of the year).


A room suspended between indoors and outdoors, a real ‘widescreen’ projecting the outside towards the inside. There’s nothing better than hearing the rain without getting wet. Take your time... You can make yourself comfortable wherever you prefer, see to the last few things and organise your thoughts. Now you are ready to face the day.

The Venetian Terrazzo

The Venetian flooring in shades of white with irregular red marble tiles mounted in it light up every one of our rooms. The various stones are mounted casually, giving each floor a unique, original look, bringing back the charm of Venetian tradition.